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Today I got an e-mail from a gay organization. They were inviting me to a meeting to discuss the reason for the destruction of the black family. They wanted everyone to bring a black woman with them to discuss whether or not they consider us Friend or Foe in the destruction of the Black Family... I got a little upset. No. not just a little. Because I found myself hitting the reply button to thier "invitation" immediately, and I hit the send button before I even realized just how angry I was. Now that I've had a day to think about it; I'm still pretty angry! First here is the the invitation and the reply I shot off to them as soon as I saw the "invitation".

1376511 campaign.constantcontact render?v=0018EbbkQtbKBxyhit6WnGZWnhqxM6j-IJZd-J9oLLTHOnNzm0S6QQHvsnM2gfXdgl5M9KMhtoNjntxWanHmwf5bFRZEYqZYNrS4YXkSwd25XI=campaign.constantcontact render?v=0018EbbkQtbKBxyhit6WnGZWnhqxM6j-IJZd-J9oLLTHOnNzm0S6QQHvsnM2gfXdgl5M9KMhtoNjntxWanHmwf5bFRZEYqZYNrS4YXkSwd25XI=

"Oh Please! First of all, most of the Good Straight black men are lock up or married to white women. The rest are being thrown out of the work place by black women and white men. We have no part at all in the destruction of the black family. I have not met a man yet that could have a child. A woman chooses a mate in this country they are not sold. They build their nest. That's com completely on the females in our race. What in the world does gay men have to do with this in any way? Dont put it on us. There are Billions of people on this earth despite gay people being here. The only gay people you might have a problem with, are the stable gay couples that are not adopting gay abandoned children and teenagers, and giving them some love, guidance, and safety. We are not the problem here!

Did I have to say that...

I need to deviate from the subject for a minute, just so I can clarify my statement. OK…That was a little harsh... I should have taken the time to choose my words more carefully...if I had, I would have added that in California the highest number of people to vote for proposition 8 was Women; the highest percentage of the women were my Sistas. As if Loving men was gonna make us suddenly hate women. The only role gay black man Play in the black community is that of sucker and fool. As long as we play that role, ie, look funny, act flaming, or spend money, then we are tolerated.(I hate that word!) We have to entertain, or we have to be used in some way to be accepted. During my delusional period when I was looking for acceptance; I was nice, and sweet, and kind... A regular Rodney King, Then I was attacked three times. Twice seriously injured. Not once did I get half of the support my attackers got. Actually the last Pope thought it was just fine if someone hurt or even killed gay people. I know some of you have a thousand corny catch phrases for me, like why I deserved what I got, or how bad you feel for me. The point I'm trying to make is "Why is it up to me or any other Gay Black Man or woman to save the black family? Especially after we've been practically drummed out of the Black Family or tolerated? (that word really burns me up!) So my past kinda triggered my very inappropriate response to my groups invitation. I ask that you bear with me one more minute.

Martin Luther King Jr. And Bayard Ruskinz.hubpages u/1934039_f520 This Gay Man help plan the march on washington." This Gay Man help plan the march on washington.This Gay Man help plan the march on washington.

The Desire to Fix Things.

In hospitals, police stations, even Courts. There is no one looking out for the interest of the Gay Black Man that has been assulted, especially from my, Brothers and Sistas. Where is the concern for the black family suppose to come from? We are not treated with any kind of respect. Religious persecution of black gay men and women by the BLACK CHURCH is the most despicable action by a people against their own people in this nations recent history.

Bayard Ruskin

z.hubpages u/1934075_f260 A man that did his part." A man that did his part.

A man that did his part
The man who did alot of the organizing and planning for the MARCH ON WASHINGTON was a gay man, Bayard Ruskin. He stood with Martin Luther King Jr. on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He faced the dogs, the fire hoses, and the billy clubs down in the south.He faced the homophobia and was scared every day like we all are. Still he did everything he could to help his people. Now, I'm sure these Good men look down today on our race and the BLACK CHURCH with shame and disgust. The only thing worst than this betrayal is when Jews hunted jews for extermination. That's how low people will go to prove they fit in and are more like the GOOD People in their country. My gay brothers and Sisters, it not up to us to do a GD thing. But we cant wait for some type of decent treatment from the BLACK FAMILY before we do something to try to fix it.

z.hubpages u/1962099_f260 edc1creations.wordpress tag/black-males/" edc1creations.wordpress tag/black-males/ 1376511 edc1creations.wordpress tag/blackedc1creations.wordpress tag/black

You're not going to like my suggestion.

Thank you all for putting up with my little History lesson hear. Back to the Subject. It's time for other people in the Black Family to put in the effort needed to repair the Black Family. THE WHOLE BLACK FAMILY. We Gay People do our part everyday by allowing ourselves to be TOLERATED. Except for those who work for themselves of course. The thought of somebody just putting up with me...But even I will hope and pray for a better day for my People. Because I love my people in spite of it all, and regardless of what I feel or you feel, the children are innocent. So I will join my Gay Brothers and Sisters and ask everybody: what can we do to bring Black Men Back to the Family? Nobody is going to like my suggestion. But you all know it has to be done.

We can no longer deny what we need to do.


z.hubpages u/1934192_f260 We need a plan." We need a plan.

We need a stimulus package for Black Male Ex Felons and for Black Males with other constant or persistant barriers to gainfull employment. I know the government can not legally do such a thing. But the companies listed on this page might be willing and able to come up with something that well help get all these black man out of jail and off corners and into jobs and houses and families. I thiink people will naturally pick a life(job, home, family), over a life of crime anyday. I know this is unfair, racist, maybe illegal. But I think the state of our family calls for drastic measures. I'm not going to say this is the right way to go. It's just that I recently saw a special on TV, the owner of a bakery would hire felons just out of jail and give them a chance at a real job and real life. It worked out well. Of course it was not geared exclusively toward Black Men. But I think this plan on a large scale could improve the state of the black family by bringing men back into the home. Hopefully I'm late to the game. Maybe Oprah, and Cosby, and Poussaint are already mobilizing companies to open little businesses that hire ex felons and Black men with difficulty finding employment due to credit issues, Child support, poor or no work history.

I'm Making a suggestion here in the hopes that People with the power to actually implement some kind of Stimulus package; will take this opportunity to help save the Black Family. Please help me out with your comments, or suggest an Idea, give me a better vision of what we can do. I really dont want an argument here, I really want some suggestions and ideas that will help this situation. It is our problem. Thank you all.

I started writing political articles during the Obama, Clinton, and McCain/Palen primaries. I think I found my true passion here. I hope you feel where I'm coming from. check out all my articles. hubpages hub/A-Friendly-Word-on-Politics

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