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Gay Men Groups Article

Gay Men and STDs

Unfortunately, the stereotype of gay men and STDs continues to be a focal point in society. Lots of people associate gay men with sexually transmitted diseases, and especially many still link them to the AIDS virus. But are they really any more in danger than the rest of society?
Based on the New York City Department of Health, "Unprotected anal sex is the greatest sexual risk for distributing HIV. Receptive anal intercourse is 5 times riskier than receptive vaginal intercourse and 50 times riskier compared to receptive oral sex. Insertive anal or vaginal intercourse is 10 times riskier than insertive oral sex. Oral sex is less risky than other penetrative sexual activities, but is not without risk for both partners." To put it simply, anal sex, which gay men participate more in, puts them at a higher risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease.
The fact is that certain sexual acts pose greater risks than others. As you can see from the excerpt, the least "risky" sexual act is oral sex, then vaginal sex, and the most risky is anal sex. Nevertheless, not just gay men participate in anal sex, heterosexual couples also take part in these sexual acts. To tell the truth that gay men just have a proven higher number of verified cases due to this.
Whether you're a homosexual, bi-sexual, transsexuals, or heterosexual, there is one common denominator, and that is if you do not practice safe sex then you are more at risk than someone who does. Sexually transmitted diseases do not discriminate concerning sexual orientation, race or gender; society is the one that discriminates.
Sadly gay man get a bad reputation when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, nevertheless, statistics prove that they are a higher risk group. That, however, does not give the right to slander or poke fun at someone because of his or her sexual orientation. There are also other statistics that show other high-risk groups are out there, yet they do not get the same negative attention.
The best that we can do is spread the word, to all people, concerning the dangers that could be faced if you are not aware of sexual safety. The sooner that people become educated about this topic, the sooner society as a whole will have a better chance of defending itself against sexually transmitted diseases and all of the horrors that come with them.
Homosexual STDs? Are homosexual men really at a higher risk of being infected by a sexually transmitted disease? Get the facts and learn more about this topic.
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